Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy - PeopleXD - November 2023

Terms and Conditions of Use

These terms and conditions of use along with the below “Privacy Notice: How we will use and share your personal data” notice explain your obligations when using this site and how we will process the personal data that you provide to us for the purposes of operating our recruitment procedures.

You can either accept these terms and continue with the application process, or decline in which case you will be returned to the career homepage and will not be able to apply for a vacancy through our recruitment portal.

If you are provided with a User id and/or password at any time by us, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of that User id and/or password. You agree to notify us of any unauthorised use of your User id and/or password. Your account information is password protected for your own privacy and security. Data transmissions are protected by industry standard SSL encryption.

We may amend these terms of use and our Privacy Notice at any time to reflect changes to the law or where we otherwise need to update our procedures. If we make any substantial changes, we will notify you of these by email and on our website.You may withdraw your application at any time if you wish.


Privacy Notice: How we will use and share your personal data

This notice explains how Mills & Reeve LLP, 24 King William Street, London, EC4R 9AT and Mills & Reeve Services Limited, 1 St. James Court, Whitefriars, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1RU will collect, use or otherwise process your personal data.

“Personal data” is information relating to you as a living, identifiable individual. Mills & Reeve LLP will process your personal data in accordance with data protection and privacy laws applicable to the firm (including, as applicable: the Data Protection Act 2018, the UK GDPR and the EU GDPR).

What information may we hold about you?

Please note that in addition to the information below, we may also hold information about you as a visitor to our website; for details please see our website privacy policy and our cookies policy.

If you register and sign up for vacancy alerts:

If you register for vacancy alerts, we will hold your name and email address.

We will also hold information that you provide to us concerning the types of vacancy that you are interested in, and any keywords you enter.

If you decide to apply for a vacancy, you will need to register as a user.

If you register and apply for a vacancy:

If you register and apply for a vacancy, in addition to providing your name and contact information, you will be asked to provide information about your:

  • Intended or preferred role with Mills & Reeve

  • Reasoning for applying to Mills & Reeve

  • Status regarding your current legal position to practise law (where relevant)

You will be required to upload your CV which may contain information such as:

  • Qualifications

  • Employment experience

  • Previous employment details (if applicable)

You will also be invited (but not required) to provide information about your disabilities, ethnicity, religion or belief, age, social mobility, whether you are a parent/guardian or carer and your sexuality, to enable us to monitor the diversity of applicants. This data is not used in any part in regards to how we consider your application.

We may also generate information about you in the course of administering and evaluating your application. We may also receive information about you from any external providers/consultants involved in the recruitment process (see “Who will see your data and who might we share it with” below).

We may gather further information to complement our consideration of your application from public sources, including the SRA solicitor check for legal roles. We may also gather information from your LinkedIn profile and in this case, we will ask for your consent to record information from your profile within your application record.

The purposes and legal basis for processing your personal data, and the consequences if you decide not to provide your data

We will use your personal data to consider your application and to administer our recruitment processes, including preparing anonymised recruitment statistics and meeting the requirements of any commitments we have made with regards to diversity and inclusion. If you register for vacancy alerts, we will use your personal data to keep you informed of vacancies meeting your search requirements. You will be responsible for managing these and their frequency through ‘Your account’ via the site.

The legal basis for processing your personal data in this way is the legitimate interest that we have in recruiting and retaining high quality staff and providing a supportive recruitment and onboarding process. In addition, some of the processing is necessary in order to take steps at your request, if we enter a contract of employment with you.

If you decide not to supply personal data that we have requested, we may decide to reject your application. In the case of vacancy alerts, you will be unable to register for alerts.

Our use of your sensitive personal data if you apply for a vacancy

Sensitive personal data is personal data consisting of information as to:

(a)your racial or ethnic origin;

(b)your political opinions;

(c)your religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature;

(d)your physical or mental health or condition;

(e)your sexual life;

(f)the commission or alleged commission by you of any offence, or

(g)any proceedings for any offence committed or alleged to have been committed by you, the disposal of such proceedings or the sentence of any court in such proceedings.

When you apply for a vacancy, it may be necessary for us to process some sensitive personal data in order to comply with our relevant legal or regulatory obligations, or if we need to seek confidential legal advice. For example, this may include making reasonable adjustments at interview for applicants with disabilities.

As explained under “What information may we hold about you” above, we may also use anonymised data to monitor the diversity of our applicants, to support our Diversity and Inclusion strategy and policy.

Otherwise, if you decide to send us any information which includes your “sensitive personal data”, by sending this data to us you are giving your explicit consent to our processing that data to the extent necessary for the purposes of deciding whether to make you an offer of employment and in administering our own recruitment planning and processes.

You may withdraw your consent at any point before accepting an offer of employment with us. This will not affect the lawfulness of any processing based on your consent before you withdrew it.If you wish to withdraw your consent at any point, please email us at:[email protected].

If you accept an offer of employment, our grounds for processing your data after you become an employee are set out in Mills & Reeve’s data protection policy for employees and in your employment contract.

Who will see or use your data and who might we share it with?

Your personal data will be seen and used by staff administering and making decisions in the recruitment process. For some roles we ask applicants to take relevant tests (for example psychometric tests or typing accuracy assessments); these assessments may be administered by external providers and we may pass your contact details to them for this purpose.In the case of some senior roles, we may also ask applicants to attend face to face assessments/interviews with an external consultant who provides assistance to us with the recruitment process. For those roles we will send your personal data (e.g. a copy of your CV and/or application form) to the external consultant before the assessment/interview.

Exceptionally we might need to share relevant personal information in order to obtain necessary confidential legal advice or to comply with our insurance, legal or regulatory obligations. This may for example require us to provide relevant information to our insurers, legal advisors or to a court/tribunal.

Will we transfer your data to other countries?

In the course of carrying out the activities referred to above we may transfer your data to other countries, which may not have the same legal protections for your data as the UK.

Where data is being transferred outside of the UK and/or the European Economic Area, we will take steps to ensure that your data is adequately protected in accordance with UK legal requirements and the EU GDPR (as applicable).Where we are in a contractual relationship with the recipient, such protection will normally consist at minimum of appropriate contractual protections agreed between us and the recipient.

Otherwise for example we may transfer your data because we have other legal obligations to transfer the data, or it is necessary for important reasons of public interest.If you require further detail about the protections in connection with any particular relevant transfer or jurisdiction please ask us


How long will we keep your data?

If you accept an offer of employment with us, your personal data will be held on your personnel file, processed and stored in accordance with our policies applicable to staff records.

If you apply but later decide to withdraw your application, are unsuccessful or if you decide not to accept an offer of employment with us, we expect to retain your personal data for a period of 12 months from the date that the vacancy is closed. If you do not wish us to do this, you have the option to submit a Right to erasure (also known as Right to be forgotten) request through the site: My account>My Requests>Request Right to Erasure. Your request will be considered and we will respond back to you within 28 days.

Further, if you register for vacancy alerts we will retain your personal data and send you alerts until such time that you amend your subscription to them. These along with the frequency can be managed through the site: My Account>Vacancy Alerts.

This policy is reviewed periodically and the periods for storage specified in it may alter depending on the requirements of law and regulation and best practice.

We may be obliged to suspend any planned destruction or deletion where legal or regulatory proceedings require it or where proceedings are underway such as require the data to be retained until those proceedings have finished.

We may retain anonymised diversity monitoring data and anonymised data about where applicants saw vacancies for a longer period in order to assist with our diversity monitoring and recruitment procedures, but you cannot be identified from such data.

Your rights over your data

You have the right to request copies of the personal data we hold about you.If you wish to obtain a copy of your personal data, you may contact us through the site where you have the option to submit a Subject Access Request: My Account>My Requests>Request Subject Access Right.

You also have the right to ask for inaccuracies in your data to be corrected, and in certain circumstances for us to stop processing your data or for your data to be erased. Some of these rights are not automatic, and we reserve the right to discuss with you why we might not comply with a request from you to exercise them.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please use the following contact point: [email protected]


If you believe that we have not complied with any of our obligations under data protection laws in the UK, please let us know.You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Published November 2023 (v8)